Taking Better Notes

Taking Better Notes

milissabk August 4, 2018 No Comments

When it comes to saving research finds from online sources, I realize that my past practice of printing everything was not a good one.  Besides wasting a lot of paper and ink, it forces you to retype something you find because you cannot cut-n-paste.  I need a good note-taking software program!  Other researchers have recommended either Evernote or OneNote for saving and organizing their files.  After trying both, I have opted for OneNote.  I find it easier to use and think it has several advantages.  Evernote has a paid version that is very popular, but I tried the free version.  A good overview and comparison of OneNote with Evernote is found at 8 Ways OneNote is Better than Evernote

Fortunately, there are a lot of video tutorials on how to use OneNote.  Having only just started to use it, I know I am very unaware of all the features available to me.  But even with just a general working knowledge of the program, I am very excited about the possibilities.  I like the overall organization of the Notebooks and sections as it reflects, for the most part, how my physical files are organized.  When it comes to video tutorials, I have found Caroline Pointer’s Using OneNote for Genealogy Organization to be very helpful.  I enjoyed hearing how other genealogists use OneNote.  Very interesting!

Although it is almost four hours long (yikes!!), I am going to invest the time to watch this comprehensive video tutorial on using OneNote. It certainly will require most of a month to digest all the information this video will be sure to have, but I am inspired by some of the ways others have used OneNote that I think the time spent watching will be a good investment.

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