Free Webinars at Legacy Family Tree

Free Webinars at Legacy Family Tree

milissabk July 13, 2018 No Comments

For my own genealogy research, I have been using the software designed by the genealogists over at Legacy Family Tree for many years.  They have the extremely user-friendly software, the standard version of which is free, and they provide an incredible amount of educational material via their weekly webinars.  In addition to the hundreds of hours available to subscribers, a surprising amount is offered entirely free and can be accessed anytime here.

In addition to getting excellent research advice for free, these webinars are a good way to know whether you want to invest in a membership.  At just $50 a year, I think it is worth it.  If that plan is not for you, you can purchase only a single month for $10. You can even buy individual webinars.

While only subscribers can view webinars live, Legacy Family Tree makes ALL their webinars free for the first 7 days after initial broadcast.  This week’s webinar is Freedmen’s Bureau Records – Valuable to all Southern research – by Diane L. Richard. This was my first introduction to The Freedmen’s Bureau Records and it was fascinating to learn that, in addition to the records of freed slaves, a lot of information about non-slaves is also found, such as those slaves who were freed before the war.  If the family of a Confederate soldier wounded or killed was declared destitute, and therefore received rations, those documents will be found in this record group. This webinar is available for free until July 20th and can be found here.

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